Monday, November 21, 2016

Not Ready

And . . . it's Monday.

Starting to feel like winter here in the Great White North. It's -5 and it's snowing and blowing this morning. Not ready for it.

It's kinda like the Christmas rush to rush into Christmas. Not really ready for that either. 

And yet, while shopping at Home Depot yesterday, for items needed to complete Sonwun's bedroom, Neomom and I impulse-bought a Christmas home decoration. It's a laser light thingy that is probably the laziest way to put up lights outside. You stick it in the lawn, plug it in, and it is supposed to shower your home with Christmasy green and red dots. Looked good on the packaging.

To be honest, here, it looks a little like Santa sneezed on the front of the house.

It's Monday.